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Behold, My Love, How Green The Groves (SSA)
Canasg Music

The Deil's awa wi' the Exciseman (SATB)
Canasg Music


The Choral Conductor's Companion: "Making the Piano Singer Friendly" (p106-107)

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OMEA Triad (April)

"Affirmations in Rehearsal: Building a Culture of Empathy"


OMEA Triad (October/November)

"Singing Scotland: The Poetry of Robert Burns"

Choral Journal: Vol 58, No. 7 (February)

Album Review: "Buxtehude and His Circle" by Paul Hillier, Theatre of Voices


Choral Journal: Vol 58, No. 1 (August)

A Song for Every Choir: Hugo Distler’s Mörike-Chorliederbuch, op. 19” 


Choral JournalVol. 57, No. 3 (October)

Album Review: “Die Weihnachtsgeschite” by Athenius Consort Berlin


OCDA Newsletter: Vol 36, No. 1 (Fall)

“Repertoire for Developing Groups: Hugo Distler’s Mörike Chorliederbuch, op. 19”



Illinois Music Educator (Spring)

“Repertoire for Developing Groups: Hugo Distler’s Mörike Chorliederbuch, op. 19”


Doctoral Dissertation, University of Washington

"Recontextualizing Distler's Music for Performance in the Twenty-First Century" (Doctoral Dissertation, U. Washington, 2014).



Masters Thesis, California State University, Los Angeles

"The Relationship Between Intonation and Gesture: Tracking the Evolution of Sound to Inform the Choral Rehearsal"


International Choral Bulletin (January)

“Fundamentals of Just Intonation in the High School Choral Rehearsal”

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