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University of Toledo
Concert Chorale
"Sleep" by Eric Whitacre

The Concert Chorale is the premiere ensemble at the University of Toledo. A number of our videos are available on YouTube, and I hope you will check them out! This was recorded on April 28, 2017 - the final concert of my second year as Director of Choral Activities at UT.  I am very privileged to conduct this wonderful group of young people. They loved this piece, and for some reason it seemed to suit them well. I am pleased to share with you as a small example of our work. 

"Fly Free by Day, Swim Deep at Night"
no. 4 from Songs of Fatherhood
by David Montoya

I had the wonderful opportunity to conduct the world premiere of this stunning set by David Montoya. The project, a collaboration between David, poet William Wallis, artist Lorato Mastebroek, and whateverandeveramen. is currently available on Spotify, Loudr, and iTunes


This movement features solos from the very talented Deryl Harter and Dr. Geoffrey Boers.


For more information, click the w&ea. tab at the top of the page, or visit the project website.

UW Summer Chorale
"I Hear an Army"
no. 3 from Chamber Music
by Conrad Susa

The 2013 University of Washington Summer Chorale concert, "Song Confessed" was built around this outstanding set of music by Susa. Each of the six pieces anchored a set through which a broader narrative was told - a relationship effected by the the horrors of war and the distance it created, both physically and emotionally.


The entire concert can be viewed here. Program notes are available upon request.

Desert Oasis High School
"Ecco mormorar l'onde"
by Claudio Monteverdi

This performance from my 2010 Masters Conducting Recital features the Chamber Singers from Desert Oasis High School, where I was the choral director for three years.

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